Kruzr Dark Choco Gum Sole

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Unleash the spirit of freedom inside your soul, the soul of the Brothers.
Emphasize we are young and free, free in terms of making choices.
Choices to pursue our dreams, choices to make some solid actions and produce solid results.

To escort you pursuing those wild dreams, Brodo and Chicco Jerikho came up with the idea to present you a riding shoe.
Which is destined to encourage the Brothers on their way of triumph.

Cruiser Shoes are the ultimate in discreet street protection. The simple and durable CH leather construction is backed with a breathable heavy duty canvas and equipped with reinforcements in the toe and ankle, keeping your feet dry, protected and comfortably suit for all types of riding, from urban commuter to highway cruiser and everything in between. 


  • Cementing + Side Stitch Construction

For more durability and flexibility

  • Heavy Duty Canvas

Water-resistant and durable yet breathable material

  • Leather Shift-Pad

For comfortable gear shifting 

  • Ankle Padding

Protect both your ankle and heel

  • Reflective Scotchite®️ Panel

Increase your visibility to nearby motorists

  • Brodo Signature anti-slip TPR cup sole

ensure your ride be comfy and safety

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