Sellino Saddle Bag Black

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Sellino Saddle Bag Black

Kreasi terbaru dari tim development Brodo, Saddle Bag yang bertujuan meningkatkan kenyamanan brothers dalam bersepeda. Water proof bag untuk barang-barang brothers. Sepedahan bisa tetap seru, walau banyak bawa barang.

Product Specification

  • Upper fabrics: WR polycanvas, 600 gsm
  • Inner reinforcement: Polycarbonate fiber plate
  • Reflective tip: Scothlight 3M
  • YKK Snap button
  • Brass rivet
  • Smooth Webbing & buckle
  • Mesh sleeve with elastic inside
  • YKK Velcro hook loop with Brodo woven
  • WP double zipper AMCO
  • Dual-mode: attach on the bike or as a sling & hip bag

Include webbing sling with snap buckle.
Easy to carry, just hang it to your shoulder, or sling it to your waist.

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