Brunn Grey White Sole

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Brunn athleisure pleasure on your daily adventure. Transforms your needs of styles into a single package.

Brunn inspired by your multiple needs on a daily basis. make it go for running jogging walking working meeting flirting or anything. believe me just go for it. An ultra lightweight phylon outsole will make you feel the sensation of walking weightlessly; this outsole also reacts as a cushioning foam that providing optimum energy return on your every step.

FlexiLaces makes you waste no time upon wearing these shoes giving you the ease that most active persons need. Do and undo in a minute the brand new BroKnit upper is super breathable yet adaptive to any foot shapes with the famous E+ Insole that known for its comforts what else you could ask for?

  • Adaptive Design to suit your any looks
  • FlexiLaces for the ease of use
  • BroKnit upper for excellent ventilation
  • Phylon Outsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Padded Collar for additional protection around the ankle
  • E+ Insole for extra comforts

Please consider checking the size chart below before purchasing this product

  • EU31: 20.5cm
  • EU32: 21.1cm
  • EU33: 21.8cm
  • EU34: 22.5cm
  • EU35: 23.1cm
  • EU36: 23.9cm
  • EU37: 24.5cm
  • EU38: 25.2cm
  • EU39: 25.9cm
  • EU40: 26.5cm
  • EU41: 27.2cm
  • EU42: 27.9cm
  • EU43: 28.5cm
  • EU44: 29.2cm
  • EU45: 29.9cm
  • EU46: 30.5cm
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole
Brunn Grey White Sole

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Full-knit upper, EVA midsole, no-sew construction hanyalah sebagian dari teknologi yang kami eksplorasi dan terapkan di produk sneakers kami. 

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